WAD.js is the Web-Audio DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). It is a javascript framework for performing dynamic sound synthesis and MIDI I/O.

A short song that demonstrates some of the basic features of WAD.js. The page also includes code snippets that illustrate how the various instruments in this song were synthesized.

An 8-track live-looper that uses both MIDI input and microphone input. Built on top of WAD.js.

An application for aspiring musicians to train their ears to recognize musical intervals.

A piano-based musical rhythm game, similar to DanceDance Revolution or Guitar Hero. Instead of a dance-pad or a guitar, this game is played using a MIDI keyboard

A musical toy that is inspired by the Korg Kaossilator. Use a USB gamepad to control the pitch, volume, and panning of two oscillators at once.

A simple demo showing how to make frame-perfect animations using requestAnimationFrame. It contains no CSS, almost no HTML, and about 115 lines of vanilla Javascript.